Essay about Problems During Hardware Installation Maintenance

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Problems during Hardware installation
When installing hardware into a machine, either upgrading or setting up for the first time, there are lots of issues that may arise due to the large array of different types of hardware, not all can be fully compatible. Issues can arise as both hardware and software related; the hardware may be broken, or not compatible with the other hardware. Software may not be compatible with the system or other software running on the system, this includes software as in programs and drivers.
Hardware issues
When installing new hardware in a system, either for installing new hardware, or upgrading/ replacing previous hardware, Issues may occur. These issues can range from hardware not working completely, too them working, but developing faults when working and causing glitches to occur.
Aside from the specific issues, it is possible for the hardware too be broken completely, by either not powering on or seize working at all. This can occur in scenarios such as a power outage which damages the device, or general wear from use of the hardware.
The most likely problem to arise with hardware is compatibility. There are lots of different variations of hardware from different companies and manufacturers, as well as how the hardware is constantly changing, being improved upon, therefore there will sometimes be compatibility issues.
Although a user error, it is possible that the hardware is physically incompatible with the other hardware in…

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