Hydraulic Fracking Research Paper

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Hydraulic fracking is a procedure where rocks beneath the earth are injected with water, sand, and chemicals which in result cause the flow of natural gases and oil. The government uses fracking as a beneficial tool to obtain gases and oil. Although, fracking procedures can cause long span risk. I Brandon, as a member of Gov. Wolfe’s cabinet, vote against hydraulic fracking should be banned in the state of Pennsylvania because it is harming the environment, causes public health issues, and causes earthquakes.

Initial research shows, hydraulic fracking causes damage to the environment. For example, water is a key component used during a fracking procedure. Often times, during this process, water has been affected. According to Elizabeth Kolbert’s article “Burning Love”, she says “Duke University showed that methane frequently leaks into drinking water near active fracking sites.” As a consequence, this put
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These earthquakes are caused by the disruption of the rocks beneath the Earth’s surface. In Alejandro Fragoso’s article “The Fracking Process Is Now The Leading Cause Of Earthquakes In Texas”, he says “[S]cientists believe brine from injection wells may be able to flow into nearby faults and soften the friction holding the faults in place, making it easier for a fault to slip, release the stress that was already there, and cause an earthquake.” Earthquakes can also occur during the fracking procedure due to too much extraction of oil in short order. Additionally, earthquakes contribute to climate change which harms the environment and public health.

In summary, there is risk involved in hydraulic fracking procedures. These risks include harming our environment, public health, and the occurrence of earthquakes. As a result, these threats can cause life span affects to future generations. However, in order for change, the government and individuals are held responsible for improving their

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