Problem Statement For Reducing Alarm Fatigue Essay

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Problem Statement & Hypothesis
White (2012) states “nurses can no longer rely on their clinical experience to provide quality care. Nurses routinely need to question their practice and look for alternative methods to improve the process of care” (p. 4). Evidence supports that modifications in nursing practice cultivated by research improves patient outcomes. There is no one better than the bedside nurse to question and identify patient care problems. Once a problem is identified the nurse has the duty to question if the care being provided is supported by evidence. When evidence is lacking to support best practice a topic for research has been identified (Siedlecki, 2008).
After a topic is identified, a problem statement is developed. The problem statement tells the reader the importance of the subject being presented (Newhouse, R. P., & Poe, S. S., 2012). For this author’s project on reducing alarm fatigue, the problem statement is as follows: Alarm fatigue continues to be a national health care concern. The problem has made the top 10 list of health care concerns by the ECRI Institute for the past six years and as number one, the past five (ECRI Institute, 2015). Alarm fatigue is clearly documented in the literature by many health care agencies and nursing organization, including The Joint Commission (TJC) and the American Association of Critical Care Nurse (AACN). These organizations maintain alarm mismanagement to be the root cause of hundreds of deaths and…

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