Probe Mackintosh. Essay

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The site investigation is the one thing that must be done before starting the construction of the building. This is because the soil condition at the site need to be identifies to determine the suitable foundation use for the building. As we know, soil play a main role to support the load that come from the building and the building need a suitable foundation to transfer the load to the ground. Therefore, the investigation of soil need to be done to identify the type of soil to ensure the soil can carry the load.
In investigating the soil condition, the probe mackintosh commonly use in this country , Malaysia. Probe mackintosh may consist of two type which it is normal probe mackintosh and JKR probe mackintosh. The
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as mentioned earlier, the location of our study conducted in Lala land located in the Universiti Teeknologi Mara (UITM), Seri Iskandar,Perak.
In completing this task, we have explained the equipment used and procedures to use the equipment. Besides that, we also explained the steps to doing this investigation by the lecturers and we are required to provide reports on condition land which has been studied.
The information obtained will be recorded and the results will be inserted into the report. The purpose of recording is to identify the soil area that we examine. Besides that, the information obtained can also determine the basic suitability of soil conditions according to the records was obtained.


In the mackintosh probe work, equipment used should be in good condition to ensure that the work will be done effectively and easily. Selection of equipment which is not good or bad can affect the process of investigations. For example, the steel rod shall be in a straight line so that it can be easily removed after completion of the work done while the selection of a bent steel rod will result in cone penetrometer difficult to remove and it can affect the soil samples were obtained.
The equipment that will be used in probe mackintosh is explained

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