Pro On Obama 's Executive Order On Immigration Essay

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Pro on Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration In the last two years or so, the President has given various executive orders regarding various issues. One of the key issues that the president has given an executive order on and with regards to is immigration. Executive orders given by the president has a direct impact on the American people as well as the country. Immigration is one of the greatest challenges that face the United States there being millions of immigrants. The issuing of the executive order on immigration by the president primarily meant that the immigrants in the U.S could not be deported to their respective home countries. Many people who are immigrants in the U.S have gotten to the U.S illegally given the perception of the country as a land of opportunity by many especially from the lesser developed and impoverished economies and countries globally. The executive order by the president received relatively huge criticism from certain factions while others supported the executive order, reactions that were definitely expected of the American citizens as well as their leaders (George, 251-256). The issuing of the executive order by the president, irrespective of having negative ramifications, has had various positive and advantageous aspects to the American economy as well as the immigrants. The following are the positive aspects of the executive order issued by the president with regards to immigration in the United States; The issuing of an…

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