Pro And Cons: The Pros And Cons Of Climate Change

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“We shall need a substantially new way of thinking if humanity is to survive” said by the world renown scientist Albert Einstein in 1954. This proves that human-induced Climate Change has been affecting the world for decades. It is a highly discussed topic among world leaders (President Obama) and scientist everywhere (Bill Nye) and most argue about whether or not is it effecting us. During my research I think I will discover how drastically humans have negatively impacted the Earth, and also the vast variety of actions that many people have taken to reduce Climate Change. I would like to compare how dire Climate Change is in different parts of the world. So we need to ask ourselves What are the Pros and Cons of Climate Change? What can be done to help reduce the negative effects of Climate Change? And How does it affect us in the future? If we find that Climate Change does end up being a real threat, then we as a nation and habitants of the Earth need to take some serious acting urgently.
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We are often told about all the negative effects of Climate Change and rarely find ourselves discussing the positives. Multiple researchers around the world are in a global debate regarding the pros and cons of it. According to scientist/journalist Matt Ridley (and WHO) Climate Change has brought about an increase in the effects of natural disasters. Recent studies have shown that weather related

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