Essay on Privilege Is the Greatest Enemy of Equality

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Privilege is the Greatest Enemy of Equality

Educators most often consider multicultural education as teaching their pupils about Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, and other descendants of color. However, multicultural education is not complete if it doesn’t challenge the root of structural racism and racial oppression: the matter of white privilege. It’s vital to understand white privilege and the role it plays in affecting society. In essence, white privilege is an unwilling and non-owned racism that has been ingrained into our mindset throughout history, and it affects how we interact with each other and how those who don’t share such advantages are affected. It’s a permeating factor responsible for many inequalities faced
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The fact that there’s only been male presidents, God is portrayed as a masculine figure, and women’s magazines advocate flawless beauty all normalize the culture so that hierarchical orderings based on gender, race, or social class appear natural and inevitable. This use of strategic rhetoric has an implicit intention to maintain the status quo, specifically privilege and power in their current manifesto. This unequal distribution of tasks and rewards has been constant throughout history because the power has forever remained in the hands of the white man. Angela Davis, an American political activist and author insists that "While their men's sexist behavior definitely needed to be challenged, the real enemy-their common enemy- was the boss, the capitalist, or whoever was responsible for the miserable wages and unbearable working conditions and for racist and sexist discrimination on the job." (Davis:1981,142) Davis is of course referring to the white male bourgeoisie part of society and its overshadowing control. History shows that this white privilege reproduces itself because the societal roles it has taken is not seen as whiteness, but as normal. The idea that only men could work in the corporate environment, the government, or the church while women did housework or child rearing were contributing factors to this false conception. "All women

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