Private Prisons : The United States New Version Of Inhumane Exploitation

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Private prisons are the United States new version of inhumane exploitation imprisoning mostly African Americans and Hispanics. A private prison is a detention center in which individuals are placed in the hands of a third party that is contracted by the local, state, or federal government agency’s. The private prison industry has been gradually rising in the United States because they strongly advocate that privatization saves the government money. However the alternative prison system isn’t actually saving the government money at all.
The private prison industry has been around since the 1980s depriving inmates and cheating the justice system. According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) “ These private prisons have also been linked to numerous cases of violence and atrocious conditions.” The privatized prison has also been found to have more “violence, riots, and escapes, resulting in injury or death” according to However many cases of neglect in the private prison system are vastly overlooked. Private prisons in America have been associated with numerous cases of violence and poor conditions such as failure to provide adequate medical care for prisoners. As well as failure to substandard conditions that have resulted in prisoner protests and even uprisings. Private prisons lack the capability to uphold healthy conditions which can be deemed as inhumane and hazardous.
The purpose of a prison is to enforce “retribution, incapacitation,…

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