Essay about Prisons Are Not Better A Criminal

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Rather than serving as rehabilitative, prisons are institutions of cages with harsh living arrangements that further and increase criminal mindsets of any poor soul, male or female who is forced to inhabit them. Two men can be living right next to each other, one for rape and one for simple robbery. It is wrong that someone who committed a harmless crime versus a traumatic event like murder are housed side by side in a prison cell. Instead of serving as institutions of change, prisons are used for cheap manual labor, to keep minorities under control, and a form of profit for private prison companies (Alexander, 2010; Cunneen, 2000). Prisons are not made to better a criminal, they are made to house them. Criminals are characteristically expected to behave as animalistic and disobedient. This is seen by Philip Zimbardo 's 1971 study of a mock prison where college students were arrested and put through the normal format of an arrest (Giddens et. al., 2015). The students were given the roles of either a guard or prisoner and then functioned in an actual prison. The originally two week long experiment only lasted six days. It was cut short as the students were too into their roles, and it became impossible to tell whether they were joking or not.
These were normal college students, but they became what was expected of the roles of a guard and prisoner. The college guards became abusive, controlling, and power hungry. The prisoners rowdy and servile. This study demonstrates how…

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