Prison Overcrowding And The Prison System Essay

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The prison system in the United States faces many problems. The problems vary from financial problems, the safety of the guards and inmates, prisoners’ mental health, gang activity, and overcrowding. Overcrowding is arguably one of the main problems that prisons face, with mental health and financial problems being other problems that are often addressed, and even tie in with overcrowding. Overcrowding happens when there is an excess amount of prisoners that aren’t able to be suitably fit into prison since prisons are full and have limited space. Overcrowding messes up the prison norm, because while limited amount of prisoners can be maintained, overcrowded amount of prisoners brings many problems.
Overcrowding has been a recent issue over the past years. “Researchers have determined that some of the causes of prison overcrowding are harsher penalties for criminal activities, changes to laws that make new actions illegal, high recidivism rates and needed improvements to the penal system” (“Prison overcrowding”). With society changing everyday, there are going to be new laws that are made, and new laws to be broken. One law that has changed is the punishment time in correspondence with the weight of the crime. Andrew Mannix, a criminal justice reporter for the Star Tribune says that “For example, the minimum amount for first-degree sale — which carries a sentence of four to 40 years in prison — dropped to 10 grams, down from 50 grams, for heroin and meth” (“Decades of new…

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