Principles of Information Security Chapter 2 Review Questions

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1. Management is responsible for implementing information security to protect the ability of the organization to function. They must set policy and operate the organization in a manner that complies with the laws that govern the use of technology. Technology alone cannot solve information security issues. Management must make policy choices and enforce those policies to protect the value of the organization’s data.
2. Data is important to an organization because without it an organization will lose its record of transactions and/or its ability to furnish valuable deliverables to its customers. Other assets that require protection include the ability of the organization to function, the safe operation of applications, and technology
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- shield your paperwork or keypad from view with your body or hands
- Keep your computer screen from the view of others or tilt the screen to make it harder to read from others behind you.
8. They were originally thought of as heroes or heroines, challenging and defeating the defenses of corporate and government computers. Many movies were made that reinforced this concept. However any hacker in present day is thought of as having a criminal intent to exploit. The modern profile is a male/female ranging from age 12-60 with varying levels of skill/knowledge. They can be internal or external to the organization.

9. Skilled hackers have the ability to develop software scripts and programs. They are typically a master of several programming languages, networking protocols, and operating systems and also exhibit a mastery of the technical environment of the chosen targeted system. The likelihood that he or she will successfully enter the system is high. Unskilled hackers typically use the scripts and programs written by the experts to gain access to systems. They don’t have the knowledge to write the scripts themselves and their knowledge is very limited.
When skilled hackers release their scripts and programs, not only do unskilled hackers have access but so do

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