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Ora Stewart


Personal Action Plan

June 25, 2012


This paper is a personal action plan. It’s an inventory of skills including my strengths and

weaknesses in relation to the requirements of my short and long term goals. I am therefore,

making an action plan on how to correct my deficiencies and to improve on my weaknesses’.

This will allow me to take advantage of my strengths to obtain the skills that I want to have and

quality of a person that I want to be.

When this semester first started I set a goal for myself to improve my writing skills. Through-

out this semester I have struggled to advance my goal. Now, as the semester comes to an end,

I must look at
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• Communicate well with others

• Positive thinking

• Keep records, and analyze information

My weaknesses are; a lack of confidence in doing things like speaking and writing, I’m

always stuck in a comfort zone and I lose my temper easily. The common feedbacks (positive

and negative) that I received from others is not being assertive enough, lack of initiative, and

too much planning but no action. Other performance indicators that I have noticed are;

sometimes I get overwhelmed with stress when there is a heavy workload. My focus priorities

are to develop more self-confidence, courage, learning to be assertive and controlling my



• Lack confidence, always stuck in comfort zone

• Lose temper easily

• Writing

• Speaking to an audience


• Not assertive enough

• Lack initiative

• Too much planning but no action

Performance Indicators:

• Sometimes get overwhelmed with stress when there is a heavy workload

Focus area priorities:

• Develop more self- confidence & courage

• Learn to be assertive

• Writing & Speaking

• Control my temper & not get worked up so easily

What I hope to improve/achieve is to be able to talk and act confidently regardless of

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