Principle Of Distributive Justice

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6.1 Summary of the Study The principle of distributive justice is anchored on the foundation that human person is created in the image and likeness of God-Imago Dei (Gen 1:26); and based on this human nature, the human person possesses the universal and inalienable rights. These universal and inalienable rights also serve as justification for people and individual communities to demand for what could make their lives more meaningful in terms of provision of basic necessities of life. Hence, it is the constitutional duty of the government of every nation or State to provide for the basic needs of its citizenry, such as: good portable water, functional electricity, meaningful and durable infrastructure,
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For this reason, every civil authority is expected to promote the common good of all, and the civil power must not serve the advantage of any one individual, or of some few persons, in as much as it was established for the common good of all. This does not mean that special consideration and preferential treatment should not be given to the people and communities who are mostly and genuinely in need of basic necessities of human …show more content…
This ministry should be constitutionally backed up, autonomous and independent of any political administration in the State so as to be unbiased in the discharge of its duties to the general citizenry of the State. Similarly, the resources of the State should be harnessed and developed. The clement weather, good farming land, forestry and many rocks and rivers in the State are potential sources of wealth and employment for self-sustainability of the State. Since Ekiti State is at the low ebb especially in terms of Federal allocation and Internally Generated Revenue, there is desperate need to harness its vast natural and human resources so that there would be infrastructural development, job and economic opportunities for all the people across the State which will make many Ekiti citizens to be

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