Primordialist Theory Essay

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Name : Wan Zulaikha Binti Wan Hanafi
Matrix Number : 204656
Question : 3
Topic : Ethnic Identity Is In The Between of Primordial and Instrumentalist.

The purpose of this writings is to determine a suitable ethnic theory that best described about my own ethnic identity in which Malay ethnic identity is articulated. If the function of identity is on how we see ourselves or how other people see ourselves, then visual and verbal representations of ethnic identities are reflections of a people who share common similarities of self-perception while also shaping perceptions of their group by the outsiders. Finally I realize that my ethnic identity needs both primordialist and instrumentalist approach to exactly describe how it really is.
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These characteristics show my ethnic identity was created around the available primordial ties without taking a political condition among the society into the account.
I emphasized a strong relationship between my ethnic identities with a product of the culture I live in. Hence, I jump into a conclusion that only those people who are mingle around within one particular group can identifies a common similarities that they belong to. A common similarity that I was talking about is a value that we have been practiced in life. However, there is a situation where I start to think more deeply. When I was not wearing hijab on my head, many Chinese people speaks to me in Chinese language just because I looked like a Chinese (have small eyes) before. But people who I shared common similarities can sense that I was a Malay because of the way I communicate and socialize my life. Unfortunately, there is a clash of identity and values in which I can see, people who are in the group will see more on the values that has been used by one’s instead of seeing physical appearance while people outside the group will focus more on the physical appearance rather than the value. Nevertheless, there is a custom of the Malays is not required in Islam in which I can see some of the tradition is just a hereditary

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