Primary Healthcare : The Healthcare Provision Process Essay

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Primary healthcare is the healthcare provision process carried on every day with the intention of maintaining and restoring the aspired health status in community. For most people in the world, primary healthcare is usually the first contact there have with health facilities and professions. It is also the most frequent means of healthcare provision that they are exposed to. Therefore, primary healthcare can be defined as the most available healthcare facilities in the community.
The aim of primary healthcare is to make routes to healthcare accessible to everyone and especially ordinary citizens of a nation. Ordinary people involve those of low and middle incomes. Theses group of people cannot afford to go for more specialized healthcares or specialized healthcare services. Due to their limited funds/financial power, they are at a risk of lacking accessibility to healthcare provision. In a bid to prevent such occasion, most government, and non-governmental organizations concerned with population, health has ensured the disposition of primary healthcare in most communities.
These healthcare facilities and centers are very affordable to the majority of the population. Some of their services are even free to cater for the neediest. Given, their way of operation, it is clear that the main of primary healthcare facilities is to ensure that everybody has equal chances to contacting healthcare at a suitable time. Primary healthcare aims at caring and serving the people more than…

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