Pride : Morality 's Poison Essay

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"Pride: Morality 's Poison"
Pride has poisoned mankind for centuries. Today, it is observed in positions of political power, where mankind refuses to step down from a challenge for fear of appearing weak. The theme of pride is also heavily influential in the events that take place in the play written by Sophacles, “Antigone.” As the story goes, two brothers, both sons of Odin, are fighting for their right to the throne as the new King of Thebes. Both men die in battle, and the new King, Creon, decides that only Eteocles will be buried, and Polyneices will be left on the field because he was leading an opposing army. Polyneices’s sister, Antigone, decides to go against King Creon’s will and buries her brother anyway. Creon, after learning of Antigone’s actions, condemns her to die. Antigone’s fiancé hears word that his bride to be is sentenced to death and tries to convince King Creon, whom is also his father, to forgive Antigone. A seer named Tiresias enters the story and finally convinces King Creon that the Gods want Polyneices to have a proper burial. Unfortunately, this happens all too late as Antigone has already taken her own life out of misery. Antigone’s fiancé follows suit, unable to live without her, and is followed by the death of Creon’s wife, once she learns the fate of her son. Creon is left alone. The deaths of all of the main characters could have been prevented if Creon had swallowed his pride and let Antigone’s brother be buried. Instead, he held on to his…

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