Pride And Sinful Pride

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Pride is a word of many meanings. Vanity is one connotation of pride, while self-confidence, self-respect, self-love, and feeling proud are others. I argue that these forms of pride are often taken out of context to mean sinful pride. Sinful pride is altogether different and is the godless, rebellious assertion of self over others (Proverbs 30:13). Pride was the fall of man in Genesis, and pride is listed at the top of the seven most deadly sins in Catholic theology. Further down the list of the seven deadly sins is greed. Pride facilitates greed. Technology, coupled with human carelessness and pride leads to environmental breakdown, and when the use of natural resources is coupled with greed, exploitation is the result (Wright, 2003, p. 219). When our economy fails to some extent here …show more content…
In viewing all the material, thus far, I can only conclude that sinful pride and environmental problems ties into a culture of waste and excess brought on by materialism and secularism. Under this culture of waste, human life has no value of respect or protection, if it did, there would be no social inequality or starving people in this country and developing nations.
Excess, spurned on by materialism and secularism, leads to waste and the overwhelming desire to have too much stuff (for lack of a better term), often at the expense of others and our environment. Materialism and secularism are the loftiness the Bible often speaks of. Several years ago, in my community, a battle ensued over replacing a small parcel of wetlands with a large department store. Consumerism won out and the wetlands no longer exist. My community also used to

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