Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen Essay

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Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is a love story for the ages, but it also delves into social matters of the time. The social matter of classes is brought to the forefront even with the title. Austen uses this story to bring to light the strong hold of a class based society in Britain. Throughout the reading of Pride and Prejudice one is able to better understand the historical significance of a how a class system influenced individual lives and society as a whole. Pride and Prejudice was written at a time when Britain was experiencing a time of transformation (Sheehan). Not only was Britain continuously engaged in war with France, this was also after the country had warred with America through the American Revolution (Sheehan). During the time of the writing of Pride and Prejudice there was also “a set of domestic concerns over property, money and status that highlights changing social landscape of late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century England” (Sheehan). The novel “portray(s) the gentry, a broad social class that includes those who owned land (the country or landed gentry)” which had the greatest influence on the norms of society in that day (Sheehan). For the gentry, the purchasing and ownership of large country estates served as a sign of the wealth and power of the owner (Sheehan). With the owning of the great estates, there came prejudice with one’s status in the social class hierarchy. Austen used her writing to point out this conceit and criticize…

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