Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen Essay

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The Pride and Prejudice novel was written by Jane Austen during the 18th century in 1813 and is centered around the futures and fortunes of the five daughters of the Bennet family. When this book was written, it was a time and culture when women were treated unequally to men. Therefore, women have little independence and were always at a disadvantage, different from the life style women live today. Pride and Prejudice takes place in a society where a role for women is earned through relationships that are determined by wealth and rank, marriage and social status. Women were to act in a specific way and any deviation from that specific way was harshly criticized. Women are also married at a certain age, if not; it was frowned upon by the society as a whole unless the woman already has a high status and money.
Elizabeth Bennet is a self-sufficient woman of her time. She is the second oldest of the five Bennet sisters. She and her older sister Jane have the closest relationship out of the five sisters. Elizabeth and her mother do not get along as well as she and her father do. Her mother, Mrs. Bennet, is a very selfish woman. Elizabeth is the complete opposite of her mother. Mary, the sister who is born after Elizabeth, keeps to herself by reading and playing music, sometimes she does not seem intelligent and always acts silly. Her two youngest sisters, Kitty and Lydia, are very faithful to their family, but Elizabeth is sometimes embarrassed because of how flirtatious they are…

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