Pride And Masculinity : Things Fall Apart Essay

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Pride, a feeling of deep satisfaction as a result of one’s own achievement as well as others’ with whom one closely associated, and from qualities of admirable possessions. Nkonkwo, a self-made and well respected man of the Umuofia tribe has a lot of pride, although he was not born to a proud and celebrated family. In a community where a man is judged not by his root, but his worth and accomplishment - Nkonkwo is very determined to escape the shadow of his indolent father. Things Fall Apart emphasizes the importance of pride and masculinity in an antiquated community, where its residents are mainly hunters and farmers. Achebe brings the subject of pride to the focus through the life of Nkonkwo, who was born with nothing but great determination to be prideful. Nkonkwo let the senses of pride, dignity, ego, and a strong belief in masculinity define his worth, later in life, the very same elements also bring him defeat, sorrow, and death.
Born in a culture at the time where the gender equality did not exist; feminism seemed to be suppressed, while masculinity was celebrated - Nkonkwo was lost due to not having a good role model like most children his age. Nkonkwo was not proud of his father, in fact, he viewed him as a woman - weak and insignificant hence the extreme display of hatred. “Instead, it is Okonkwo 's seeds of self-destruction, which are deeply concealed in his desire to be the antitheses of his "feminine" father” (Strong-Leek, 2001). His father, Unoka also…

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