Essay about Prevention Of Volcano Eruption : Volcano

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Prevention for Volcano Eruption When people hear news about volcano, they may naturally think of the bad things that might have occurred. The reason is that volcano is one of the most dangerous naturally disasters that human being need to face. After I learned volcano in EAPS class, I became interested in the volcano since I think the eruption of volcano is a fascinating scenery. However, volcanoes are able to cause catastrophes when they get "mad". I am going to do some researches and find out why volcanoes erupt and how to foresee these eruptions. Scientifically, a volcano is a mountain that extends down to a pool of magma between the crust and mantle. Basically, a volcano is a hole in the Earth from which magma can erupt. And scientists classify volcanoes as active volcanoes, dormant volcanoes and extinct volcanoes. Dormant volcano means it has been dormant for more than 10000 years which is safe for human being and no one expects extinct volcano ever erupt. Unfortunately, active volcano is potentially hazardous to citizens who live near the volcano. I believe no one wants to live close to the volcano. Data from the Smithsonian Institution’s (SI) Global Volcanism Program compiles shows that between the years 1600 AD to 2010, there are 533 incidents that have caused a combined total of 278,880 fatalities, at 198 volcanoes across 38 countries. So active volcano cause serious disaster to human being. Now let 's see why volcanoes erupt. Simplest answer is…

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