Computer Crime Research Paper

How do we prevent computer crime

Computer crime is a common thing in todays society. It is something that should be in every persons mind as they are surfing the web and typing in personal information. The first thing that should be done to prevent computer crime is have a firewall on their computer. A firewall is essentially a barrier for your computer that keeps information from going out into the network without permission [1].

Passwords are another important concept to consider when thinking about computer crime. It is important to not use the same password for everything [2]. It is also very critical that passwords are never shared with others. Passwords are meant to be confidential and should never be shared. Passwords should not be something simple that are easily guessable. Another smart idea is to change passwords every once in a while just to be extra cautious.

Public wifi is a hacker hub. Hackers break into the database and could potentially steal data off of the computer when it connects to the wifi network. When using public wifi, it is important not to conduct important business such as financial
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However, it would take a supercomputer billions of years to break the message of a more effective system. The news has recently been addressing the ability to break codes much more quickly than in the past because computing power and speed is continually increasing. This poses the question of why should you use an encryption? Think of Moore 's Law; the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of circuits doubles approximately every two years. With this knowledge, the chip for your credit card was created, protecting your information. Advances in the ability to encrypt, decrypt, and have confidence that technology cannot easily break the codes is a never-ending

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