Presidential Reconstruction Of The United States Essay

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Presidential Reconstruction, to many was thought to be a freeing of slaves. An ending to the cycle of slavery and introduction of former slaves and Black Americans to a newly found freedom. The idea of freedom was nothing more than that and idea. Economic and political challenges had only just begun for the three million slaves who faced this new freedom. Their goals of political and economic freedom were met by counter measures from ex-Confederates and even by those who sought the votes of these newly liberated blacks.
A victory for the north in 1965 gave the Republican Party the ability to take control of the southern states. With this victory came the Thirteenth Amendment, which set into place a standard for labor for all the states not just those in the south. The Thirteenth Amendment also ended the 3/5 Compromise, which left the south vulnerable to ex-Confederate leadership. The Thirteenth Amendment may have granted the slaves their freedom from forced labor but did not give them a strong political voice. Early in March of 1964, two New Orleans men set out to Washington in search of political backing from President Lincoln. Lincoln’s request for the state of Louisiana was met with no resolve. The constitutional convention failed to give “voting rights to anyone of African descent.” (Franklin 2011) This was a denial of suffrage (voting rights) and the ability to hold a public office, not matter their intelligence or economic status.
After the assassination on Lincoln,…

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