Presidential Power Has Changed Since The Era Of 1981 Essay

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Presidential power has changed dramatically throughout the history of the United States. Now days there are so many factors when one looks to analyze the growth or decline of the power of the executive. In recent history from approximately 1981 to present day the power of the president has been affected by the role of Congress, the media, domestic and foreign affairs. The President consistently has to adjust to what is going on specifically during the term they are in office. The overall power of the president took a huge decline after the Watergate scandal. Public opinion of the president fell greatly as well as public trust for the government in general. The office of the president during the era of 1981 to present day have faced challenges of military and economic decisions. The presidents one must look at during this era are Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr. and lastly Barack Obama. Ronald Reagan entered presidency at a time in which the public and the media thought poorly of the office. Carter just was not successful at doing much as a president, before him was Ford and Nixon whose involvement in the Watergate scandal really discredited the role of the president of the United States. Reagan though was able to start off his presidency by increasing the power of the president. He was able to do this by a military means first with the military order of the invasion of Grenada. Reagan authorized this order as a means of protecting national…

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