Essay about Presidential Outline of Andrew Jackson

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Presidential Outline #10 – John Tyler I. John Tyler (1790-1862)

II. John Tyler (Whig) Only Term (1841-1845)

III. Education and Occupation A. President Van Buren didn’t receive much education as a child. His parents were Dutch and spoke fluent Dutch. His father, Abraham, owned a tavern. In the tavern, Van Buren spent much of his childhood observing, studying, and listening to the political arguments there, giving him some experience. His formal education ended at the age of 14. B. At the stunning age of 13, President Jackson entered the army in the American Revolution. This ended his childhood and unfortunately wiped out his whole family. He became very skilled as a solder in
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M. Beginning of the Second Seminole War (1835) – This war was also called the Florida war. This conflict began in 1835 and lasted until 1842 between various groups of Native Americans in Florida cause a series of conflicts. They called them Seminoles, hence the name of the war itself. It was the most expensive war fought by the United States at that time. N. Beginning of Texas War for independence (1836) – This was a military conflict between the government of Mexico and Texas. This conflict resulted in an establishment of a Texas Republic after the final battle of this war/revolution. Texas was originally a part of Mexico and wanted to break away, so they had to fight for the separation just like the U.S. did with Britain. O. Battle of the Alamo (1836) – This was the first major battle of the Texas independence war. The Mexican’s leader was General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, who was a former president in Mexico. The Americans and Mexicans fought and eventually the Mexicans won the battle easily. P. Specie Circular (1836) – This was an executive order from President Jackson stating and requiring that payment for the purchase of public lands will be made exclusively in gold or silver. This eventually led to the Panic of 1837 due to the large influx of paper money, etc. Q. Battle of Sam Jacinto (1836) – This

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