President Ronald Reag A Educational And Great Learning Environment

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The semester for History 1941 to present was a very educational and great learning environment. As the semester came to a close and the last paper assignment was ready to be written, I scrolled through the chapters that I have read for week seven and eight. With the election of 2016 taking place during this semester, I thought it would be only right to write about something having to do with an election or president. I originally thought I was going to write about the great President Ronald Reagan. This man is probably the most recognized president that new candidates want to say they mold themselves around. I then started doing research on the controversial election of 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore. This was such an interesting topic, but just not a lot of information other than the Florida recount and different between popular and electoral votes. So then I came across the section labeled as, Impeachment. Then I remembered as a child and my grandfather always having news media channels like CNN and Fox News on. It sparked a memory of me watching the news about the president going to be impeached. I was entirely too young and not interested to care about any of this. Now, I would like to go back and look into a little bit of information about Bill Clinton who has earned himself the nickname, Slick Willy. I chose to write about this paper due to the fact that President Clinton was impeached, but was able to finish his term. First, I wanted to look up how William…

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