President Mubarak 's Rule And Political Repression Essay

1095 Words Mar 22nd, 2015 5 Pages
President Mubarak 's rule was marked by political repression and economic and social stagnation, there was no momentum for a revolution against the president as long as he was ruling Egypt on his own. During the second half of his period in power, however, his family, mostly his wife Suzanne and younger son Gamal, began to take an active part in ruling Egypt, involving themselves in the activities of the government. Gamal established a small group of members of both the political party and a few wealthy businessmen. The influence and power of this group grew until it took over most of the financial and internal political areas of the government. This lead to the rise of political corruption in the government. This group doomed itself in 2010 when Gamal helped Safwat Sherif, a man hated by the people, and a very wealthy man named Ahmed Ezz to tamper the elections twice. The first time was for the Shura elections and then the second was for the People 's Assembly elections. This forgery was seen when their party took over 99% of the seats, leaving a mere 1% for the rest of the parties. This drove people over the edge. At the same time, President Mubarak brought the beginning of his own downfall by allowing them to participate with him in managing the country 's political and economic affairs as the president payed divine attention to the portfolio with other countries. This lead to further corruption in the favor of money and power, obtaining gains from the coalition of the…

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