Essay on President Jimmy Carter 's Presidential Election

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Candidate Research from 1980 Election Ronald Reagan

Cynthia Conway
Casper College

Candidate Research From 1980 Election Ronald Reagan
The 1980 presidential election in the United States presented the desire of Americans to seek an alternative to President Jimmy Carter’s liberal policies that were deemed to be failing. Most voters complained about how the economy of the United States had remained stagnant in the 1970’s and thus called for the need to have changes in the White House. Both inflation and unemployment had remained high, real income had increased by only 1.5% from 1965 and the administration was being accused for failing to mitigate issues related to foreign policies like the Iran hostage case.
The general Jimmy Carters Administration contempt came about when the Democratic Party, which was his own party, tried to have him replaced with Senator Edward Kennedy as their candidate in the 1980 election. Even though Carter managed to survive the presidential primary in 1980, he faced a bigger challenge from a formidable Republican candidate (Abramson, 2003).
As the Democratic Party had issues with their preferred presidential candidate, all the Republicans rallied behind Ronald Reagan, the former California Governor. It was not also easy for the Republican Party considering that there were several notable candidates including Senator Bob Dole, John Anderson representing Illinois and President George H. Bush.
However, Reagan stood out as the…

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