President Barack Obama 's Speech Essay

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President Barack Obama’s Father Day speech argues the importance of black fathers engaging in raising their children. He states, “They are teachers and coaches. They are mentors and role models. They are examples of success and the men who constantly push us toward it,” meaning fathers help us strive to reach our goals (Obama, 2008). Furthermore, Obama urges black fathers to become more engaged in their children lives. President Obama begins his speech by emphasizing the importance of family, and elaborating on how fathers are the foundation of family. In addition, Obama brings up the fact that half of black children grow up in a single mother-headed household. He believes that this is a major problem and to demonstrate his point on why this is a problem, President Obama brings up the disparity between black children that grow up with fathers and those who do not. He finds that children who grow up without fathers are more likely to face hardship and/or become delinquent. As a result, Obama believes that black fathers must be engaged in their child’s lives in order for black children to have optimum chances of reaching success. Obama concludes his speech with a plan on how he can help implement policy to help keep fathers in their children live. Throughout the semester, we have covered various topics in AASP100, and the themes of matriarchy and black father’s responsibility best reflect President Obama Father’s day speech. In the Moynihan report, Daniel Moynihan, an…

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