Essay on President Barack Obama 's President Of The United States

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Public speaking is commonly feared by people in our society today. Individuals need to have a good understanding of the different ways in which people communicate and interact with each other. Public speakers have to be very good listeners, have adequate preparation, and be very confident in order to become an effective public speaker. President Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States in 2008. Obama is a great example of an effective public speaker because his presentation skills are very good and the ability that he has to interact with large audiences is phenomenal. The language that he utilizes promotes an effective communication and encounters a resolution. The language that he utilizes differs from many other politicians as he speaks very formally and pronounces each and every word correctly. Barack Obama knows how to utilize proper grammar and if there are any mistakes in his speeches are very minimal. I watched Obamas speech on his Presidential announcement where he spoke about liberty, opportunity, economy, war, and current crisis in the United States. In his public speech Obama articulated his thinking in a cogent way and was able to navigate difficult issues with ease. I think the first three minutes of his speech were very crucial as he needed to catch the audience attention and make them focus on what he had to say. President Obama did capture the world’s attention with his historic speech which helped him become the president of the United…

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