Presentation Of The Summer Bridge Program Essay

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In my first few weeks here at UNC, I have experienced a massive overhaul of everything I thought I knew about relationships, sex and most importantly, consent.
On one brutally hot day this past June, I sat in the Student Academics Services Building here at UNC. I was fresh-faced and eager to start my time here as a student. That day, with about fifty other incoming first-years, we watched a presentation on Title IX as part of the Summer Bridge Program. It was one of several presentations that we were made to watch and participate in as part of a first-year welcoming program. Day one: Financial Planning and Budgeting. Day Three: How to Study. Day Sixteen: Title IX. When we saw the event on our agendas, my peers and I were confused. What exactly is Title IX? And how can we get out of sitting through yet another awkward, two hour presentation?
I had no idea as an incoming student what Title IX was or how it would come to affect me as a young woman on this campus. But in that time that I sat in that I learned that Title IX was in place working for me without me even knowing it. But what was worse than my Title IX ignorance was that I had no clue what all went on below the surface here at UNC. It was something that no one wanted to talk about; it wouldn’t be advertised on the website or plastered all over the brochure: there was, there is still, an alarming rate of sexual assault on UNC’s campus, and I had no clue about it.
In her piece, Andrea Pino writes that “campus rape is…

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