Essay about Preparing A Swot Analysis Of External And Internal Forces

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Memorial Sloan Kettering Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center impacts communities in New York, New Jersey and globally by providing information on cancer prevention, patient care, education and research (Vance & Hollis, 2015).
In preparing a SWOT analysis of the external and internal forces faced by this organization include, strengths which includes the organizations ability to connect and provide information regarding cancer treatment, prevention and research that impacts the community locally and globally. As I mentioned previously MSKCC experienced issues with recruitment to child care and housing barriers. If these barriers were not addressed and corrected through benchmarking the end results could of attributed to negative factors such as poor turn-over rate and an increase in unscheduled employee absenteeism, and the lack of staff to effectively and safely care for patients. Those negative factors could possibly interrupt the overall flow and create an environment that may influence weakness within the organizations overall structure. As with any organizations there is always the likelihood of possible harm that can occur at any level within the organization. Issues such as medication errors, lack of staff, over worked employees are all possible issues that an organization may encounter that may prevent the organization from accomplishing or achieving their desired outcomes or objectives.
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According to Nowicki, the importance of financial management in…

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