Preliminary Biology Yearly Notes Essay

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Biology Year 11 Yearly Notes
Chapter One – A local ecosystem
1.1 Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments
-Ecosystem: any environment containing living organisms interacting with each other and with the non-living parts of that environment.
-Environment: the environment of an organism is its surroundings, both living and non-living
-Habitat: the habitat of an organism is the place where it lives.

Australian Environments

* Terrestrial environments are environments on land. Land covers about 35% of the Earth’s surface. * Aquatic environments are water environments. Oceans cover about 65% of the Earth’s surface. * Terrestrial and aquatic environments have very different abiotic characteristics.

Abiotic Characteristics
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This method is possible because eht migration routes of these whales are known.

Population Estimates

-Population: a group of similar organisms living in a given area at the same time.

Method | Method – how it works | Use/ benefit | Limitations | Transect | Narrow strip that crosses the area being studied, from one side to another. | Used to determine changes of species across an environmental gradient (plant distribution)Time efficient with little disturbance to the ecosystem | May miss rare species; not suitable for rapidly moving organisms | Random Quadrat | Quadrats are placed randomly in ecosystem and species recorded; results can be multiplies by total area to estimate entire population. | Used for plant abundance/slow moving animals abundance | Can be time consuming; may miss rare species; not suitable for rapidly mobile organisms; size of quadrat must be appropriate for the organisms being studied | Capture-recapture | Animals are captured, tagged and released; a second capture is used to estimate the entire population from the percentage of tagged animals caught in the second capture | Suitable for rapidly mobile organisms | Disturbs the population; may lead to death of tagged species because of handling; time consuming |

Photosynthesis and Respiration

-Photosynthesis: the process by which plant

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