Prejudice in Organization Essay

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The problems faced by women and minorities create a serious malfunction in corporate operations. Minorities and women have yet to be accepted as full members of corporate formal and informal networks. Until they are, not only do they suffer but so does the corporation. The utilization of minorities and women in many, many cases toward corporate effectiveness and efficiency continues to be seriously hampered by behaviors in crucial interpersonal relationships that reflect racist and sexist attitudes.
- John Fernandez1
Although many would like to believe otherwise, prejudiced attitudes continue to present problems for millions of people in our society. Prejudices result in counter
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Presently, the

John P. Fernandez, Racism and Sexism in Corporate Life (Lexington, Mass.: D.C. Heath, 1981), p. 179.

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numbers continue to favor the white male and outspokenness by other groups tends to breed resentment. It is difficult to work within a system and change it from below. If something is to change, the senior ranks will have to make it happen; the problems associated with clinging to longheld prejudices will not go away unless and until practicing managers address the topic of prejudice and its impact on their business lives.
How a manager handles prejudice in the work place is an important issue, and it can be crucial to his or her personal and organizational success, especially in an increasingly diverse workplace. Effective

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