Essay on Pragmatics, Language, And The Art Of Expression

903 Words Sep 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Linguistics has shown a constant evolution in the way studies, language, and the art of expression is observed throughout centuries. Within this branch of linguistic studies introduces an important sub-part known as Pragmatics. Pragmatics shows the study of meaning of how words string together to create meanings which may be different depending upon context. Pragmatics borrows different types of disciplines such as philosophy, sociology other parts of linguistics and anthropology to approach the behaviour of languages. Pragmatics contains theories which are still being explored and studied, such as speech act theory, politeness and impoliteness theory, conversational implicature and so on. The area of interest that will be explored and expressed in this essay will be the properties of presupposition. The definition of presupposition includes that a thing is assumed or presupposed before the course of a conversation or action has been started. Presuppositions are used in everyday speech (unconsciously) to communicate fast and efficiently. Conversely, using the linguistic definition of what presupposition is defined as, includes more background knowledge of both the speaker and addressee must be mutually known, and can be linguistically linked to a lexical item or grammatical feature by the expression of a presupposition trigger. Furthermore, the list of properties of presupposition will be analysed, with the following being constancy under negation, defeasibility or…

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