Power Is Destroying Our Society Essay

1700 Words Nov 19th, 2015 7 Pages
Though many seek power throughout their daily lives, the wish for power is something people should generally avoid. In substantial quantities, one’s wish for power has the ability to help create a good leader; however, in large quantities, one’s wish for power can ultimately cause the downfall of a society. Power-hungry people are those who wish to obtain as much power in the shortest amount of time possible. These people frequently focus solely on their goal and fail to act considerately toward those they associate with, thus ruining their ability to form strong relationships. Strong relationships are necessary in order for progress to occur, as they help people work together and complete tasks faster; therefore, lacking the ability to create strong relationships ultimately slows a society from advancing. The desire for power develops throughout one’s childhood and can have lasting negative effects on their social, professional, and intimate relationships, in turn reducing productivity and efficiency; since forming relationships is a fundamental part of creating a proficient society, power hungry people are consequently destroying our society by failing to form strong relationships.
The desire for power stems from the way in which one is raised. Several factors can cause a person to grow to want power. Daniel A. Bochner, a Ph.D., states in “The Power and Control Addiction” that people who have the “experience of being dominated as a child” generally grow up to seek…

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