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This study is about the economic, political and socio- cultural conditions of the Urban Poor. Urban poor has become an interesting topic now days since it is very relevant to modern society. Poverty tends to be the greatest ill that plagues the Filipino as a society. The poor ranges from poor, very poor, and to the very, very poor. The topic URBAN POOR was selected from a group of topics given and then given emphasis by the author according to the relevance of this specific group in today´s world. Each condition is specifically analyzed in different aspects and parts to further understand the study. In doing so, one will be
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Statement of the Problem

Although poverty affects all age groups, children are especially affected because they are dependent for their survival on adults. Many children from around the world feel the impact of poverty on their lives and the lives of their families and friends. Images of poverty found in books can influence children’s belief systems. Children’s visions of themselves, the world, and their place in the world have been greatly impacted by the literature. Picture books are useful tools for teaching many abstract and complex concepts of the social studies at the elementary level. Therefore, books about poverty create opportunities for adults and children to talk about some tough issues.

Definition of Terms



Throughout the study, I saw how the poor people are degraded not only in the urban area, everywhere actually. Poverty is not simply a matter of deficient income; it results from other inequities in society as well. It is a national problem and must be attacked with massive nationwide programs financed largely and organized by the government. The government should be acting as government- meaning they should be taking steps towards the eradication of this problem. I read an article about Jaime Cardinal Sin´s homily with regards to poverty. In his homily, he seems to be affirming the conflict theorists side in saying that poverty is

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