Poverty 's Impact On Health Essays

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Poverty’s Impact on Health in Call the Midwife

Throughout the first season of Call the Midwife (CTM), effects from the chronic strain of poverty were evident in many facets of East London’s community health. Instances that defined said poverty were; the small and unhygienic living conditions, rats and lice grew rampant in homes, prostitution and manipulation of young vulnerable girls, and the high instances of sexually transmitted diseases. Nurse Jenny and her fellow co-workers at Nonnatus House worked day in and day out in the East London community, attempting to improve their state of impoverished healthcare. “Health is the greatest of God 's gifts, but we take it for granted; yet it hangs on a thread as fine as a spider 's web and the tiniest thing can make it snap, leaving the strongest of us helpless in an instant” (episode 5). “Call the Midwife takes place in East London throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s. The healthcare model in this setting is far from our current western medical model. Preventative medicine was nearly unheard of during this time which we now know if a major factor in preventing disease and chronic illness especially in the realm of midwifery. Examples of preventative methods of healthcare are the use of vaccines, clean water, eating varieties of healthy foods, exercise, regular visits with a healthcare provider, etc. Europe has been famous for its many plagues and contagious fevers that are only seen on a rare occurrence in present time…

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