Poverty, Equality, And Gender Inequality In The Modern Civil Rights Movement

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Nelson Mandela once said "as long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest." The inequality and discrimination facing this generation is both appalling and disturbingly present in every day life. Discrimination is something that the world faces everyday, and while we are at the apex of a civil rights movement that is inclusive on a massive scale, it still finds its way into of each our lives. Gender inequality, racial inequality, and sexual inequality are only few ways that our generation faces discrimination. Gender inequality presents itself in a variety of ways, from a catcall on the street to lawsuits being filed over a bosses behavior in the workplace. While those are a select two well known instances of gender inequality, it runs much deeper. Gender inequality spans the the transgender spectrum as well, causing an uproar in present day …show more content…
Hate crimes targetting people of color are the most severe, and most common, way that racial inequality and discrimination presents itself. Police brutality has become a social normality of sorts; Due to the fact that crimes committed against people of color, specifically African American men by police officers, happen nearly everyday. Another instance of racial discrimination would be crimes against Muslim people, who are beaten and cast away because of their religious beliefs. Believe it or not, this is a form of racial discrimination, given that it is targetting people, or individuals, of a specific ethnic background. People of Mexican or Latin descent are also preyed upon by racist organizations or a singular person. Individuals are victims of horrible crimes because of how they dress, their voices, or the color of their

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