Poverty And The Decline Of The Middle Class Essay

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Poverty and the Decline of the Middle Class

Poverty is the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support. It is the condition of being poor. Here in the United States, it’s masked by the Hollywood lifestyle portrayal, and even some who live in that state of poverty, admit to becoming content with living paycheck to paycheck, or even without a paycheck. What was once known as the middle class, is quickly becoming better described as the working poor. More working citizens are living in financial ruins today, than ever before in our country. According to Poverty USA, more than forty-six million American’s live in poverty today. In a country that no doubt has seen its fair share of ups and downs on Wall Street, it is politics as usual, and once again, American’s are fighting to feed their families and provide adequate shelter, while big banks take over and neighbors divide over individual ideals in a nation that once stood solid, especially in a humanitarian realm.

From sea to shining sea, individuals and families alike, struggle to maintain in a rat race that some would call keeping up with the Jones’. But today, most are too busy worrying how they will pay the landlord, some wonder where the next meal will come from, and too often, some wonder where they will lay their head to rest – a park bench, a shelter, or under a newspaper downtown. While most who live above the level of poverty tend to their busy lives, these tragic…

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