Poverty And Poverty

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Poverty is a controversial issue all around the world that is being overlooked by and not taken seriously. Poverty effects people who have low income, are unemployed, and people who lives in areas that are not supported by the government. An important factor of poverty that effects people’s lives is their health. Poverty is linked to having poor health because of the resources that the people cannot obtain. The economic and social resources are a lot more difficult to receive in areas that are in poverty because of money. Which, causes people in poverty with poor health to have malnutrition and are more prone to diseases. Also, the living conditions in poverty are horrible and very unsanitary. So, this can increase the chance of their death …show more content…
People in poverty have a higher chance of getting diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, yellow fever, leprosy, and HIV/AIDS. Several of these diseases are fatal and harder for the immune system in the body to fight against (Stevens, 2008). The lack of resources in nutrition, medicine, hospitals, and doctors also makes it more difficult for people to survive. Even if there were hospitals and doctors nearby, money and transportation will be an issue still (Baughman & Duchovny, 2016). Another health factor that is effecting people in poverty is not getting enough nutrition to keep their body strong and healthy. Malnutrition is a big issue in poverty because since there is no money, it is harder for people to buy or find food. So most of the times, children and adults are starving because of this. This effects the body because it is not getting enough nutrition to keep the body moving and it increases the risk of getting sick. It is also one of the biggest cause of death for people in poverty. Around six million people die from hunger every year (MacAuslan, 2009). Malnutrition can also cause the body from being underweight and have a very low muscle mass. Which effects the growth of the body because of not enough nutrition and it will cause the organ to not function properly. This can lead to a disorder called kwashiorkor, which is a lack in protein intake and causes the stomach to swell up and look bloated (Kapoor & Dhall, 2016). Living in poverty does effect the body’s health because of the higher chance of diseases and

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