Poverty And Its Effects On The Philippines Essay

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After researching the topic of global poverty, it is clear that most of the world is living either in a developing or undeveloped country. The majority of the population that are affected by poverty is mostly women and children. Poverty within these developing countries devastates women and children more because of the oppression and inequality they face. The prompt addresses poverty and describes it as a phenomenon. In retrospect, poverty is not a phenomenon because it is very common in many countries. Poverty has affected almost every country because of many different reasons such as war and inflation. Oppressive people sometimes wonder why the existence of women and children are significant in this world. The social significance of global poverty and its effects in the Philippines is noteworthy on the global and international level. Their economy and trade are dependent on the involvement of other nations which is in regards to their economic and social relations. Within this paper, I will be addressing the causes and effects of poverty within the country of the Philippines by interpreting my findings and possible solutions from sociological empirical evidence that supports and pertains to global poverty as a whole and how it affects mostly women and children.
Poverty is the state or condition that is usually characterized by the lack of basic human needs. This phenomenon is directly correlated to one’s income and their access to the services needed in order to prosper…

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