Essay about Poverty And Its Effects On Poverty

1690 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
Poverty comes with many characteristics, misconceptions, and struggles. People of poverty lack many resources, and the environments of poverty are normally poor for child development. Children are influenced by their environments, social interactions, and individual characteristics. Schools could improve child development, but even the schools are impacted by poverty. The neighborhood environments often require children to mature too quickly, and home environments are closed off. Mothers try to protect their children from the ugliness in poverty, but they feel helpless when they are not able to do so. Through the influences of poverty, individuals still decide their own fate and lifestyle. People cannot be helped unless they are willing to help themselves, and they determine their success. Although social connections are not common in poverty, people still find unity amongst themselves because they are experiencing the same struggle. Poverty does not consist of only one race, but African Americans are the largest minority in it in the U.S. They experience more hardship, and there could be reasons why they make up the majority of those in poverty. All individuals in poverty lack resources and are at a disadvantage, but African Americans experience more of a struggle with more negative stereotypes. Poverty puts individuals at a disadvantage, and the children are not provided with necessary resources in most cases. “A lack of structured programs and opportunities for mentoring…

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