Essay Poverty And Its Effects On America

1345 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
Poverty Poverty affects Billions worldwide every day. It is one of humankind’s biggest problems. Many people don’t see how many humans it affects. There is also the fact that people don’t understand what poverty really is. It’s a harsh reality, a scary one that so many people on earth are affected by every day. I’ve seen some of this suffering first hand. But with the help of Charity’s, Organizations, aid, and good people poverty can be ended once and for all. There are many necessary steps that must be taken to stop poverty before it affects more people. I had a firsthand experience seeing poverty at a young age. It was this day 3 years ago that I traveled to Cartagena, Colombia where I would see the reality of the world. This trip was originally planned as a birthday present as I had just turned 18. I remember being so excited to travel somewhere new; I couldn’t wait to get there. When we landed and I stepped out of the plane, I saw things that would change my views forever on the world. I remember walking out of that dusty old airport to the taxi. As I hopped into the taxi I knew I was somewhere completely new and different to anything I had ever seen before. We were about 30 mins into the drive when the taxi said he was going to take a back way. We started driving into these small villages and all the sudden it caught my eye. There were shacks everywhere. Wooden shacks not much bigger than a small room that looked beaten down and old. The air smelled horrible; there…

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