Poverty And Its Effects On African Americans Essay

1271 Words Apr 13th, 2016 6 Pages
Due to these factors, poverty has continued on for decades. Approximately, 16.3 percent of the Delta population is living in poverty, alone. High volume of poverty is devastating the great fertile land of the Delta. As we all know, poverty is still alive even in the 21st century. Just as the Mississippi Delta is known as the land of the rich and abundant, it can also be characterized as poor and abandoned. Just like reminiscing on the soft music and sweet words from the authors of this impoverished region, an individual can only imagine the terror and inequality that African Americans have experienced throughout the years living in the Mississippi Delta. Living in poverty is hard, and it is sad that the majority of the citizens are accustomed to a lifestyle like that. Even today, poverty is still a critical issue in the Mississippi Delta. Though there have been several attempts by political officials, there is still an affliction that hinders our society. The purpose of this research was to explore the manifestation of poverty such as slavery, low education skills, poor health, and insufficient agriculture that has driven the Mississippi Delta into poverty. According to Census Bureau, Mississippi has a poverty rate of 22.6% in 2011, while its median household income came to be $36,919, compared to the same in 2010, as well leading the nation with the highest rate in welfare programs too. Nevertheless, the War on Poverty was a handout to many residents of the Mississippi…

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