Essay about Poverty and Inequality

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In the old days, gender equality was not a concern in most of the nation. Men work as a labour outside while women only stay at home to take birth and take care of the household work. Women, in the old days, have no rights to express their own opinions, as the income of the house is supported by the men himself. Therefore, men decide everything in a family and the wife just need to follow their instruction. Women, on the other hand, do not mean does nothing in a family. Women take care of the household works such as cooking and cleaning the house and take birth to build a family. However, the women are not paid for the works that they have done. People looked down on women, as they are not educated, or they have no chances at all in …show more content…
Besides that, when more and more women graduates go to a company to seek for jobs, a women manager would welcome her to join the company to produce more women products for the society. Moreover, with better knowledge, educations, and more capital, women are able to set up their own business as the men do. This provides more employment for other educated and uneducated women too. The woman entrepreneur would firstly consider to employ her neighbors and friends who has currently no jobs to help them by giving them an opportunity to earn income. Women will choose to employ more women on their business if their products are for women to consume. This is because they can make use of the employees by letting them giving opinion, suggestions and comments as women consumers on their product to improve their product. While women put their time and efforts in their works, their health may be influenced. More clinic, pharmacy and hospitals were built to provide more health consultancy to the people. Because of having income, more women are affordable on the healthcare expenses of themselves and family. Women would buy vitamins and nutrient for the kids to grow healthier, hence the future generation will have less chances of getting diseases and sickness. They will also be affordable to buy more health care products for their parents to maintain their health. By contributing their time and effort in the work,

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