Essay on Poverty And Homelessness By Anna Quindlen

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Poverty and Homelessness Poverty and homelessness are complex concerns that defy a single, simple solution. Families and individuals of any age can become poor or homeless, temporarily or permanently, for a variety of reasons. Some of the variations may include breakdown, violence or abuse in the home, unemployment, recent immigration or release from prison, substance abuse and addiction, mental and physical illness and a shortage of affordable housing. We see the effects poverty and homelessness have beyond making difficult choices when limited resources are available. Each person who finds themselves in poverty and homelessness are a unique individual, with a unique story. We detect the seriousness of poverty and homelessness and its need beyond just sympathy in the works of three writers as they reflect on their observations. Anna Quindlen writes in Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Kids the issue of poverty and the rise in homelessness by opening the eyes of the reader with a shocking story of a family of six who live together in a room the size of a master bedroom in a [simple] home. The emphasis that Quindlen exercises is also very powerful in conveying the seriousness of the topic of poverty and homelessness. She uses statistics such as, “hundreds of thousands of them, twice as likely to

Webb 2 repeat a grade or be hospitalized and four times as likely to go hungry as the kids with a roof over their head” (Quindlen 332). For that reason,…

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