Poverty And Alcoholism And Alcohol Addiction Essay examples

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I’ve never thought about poverty in great detail until recently. Growing up, because I was in French Immersion, I was in the same class with the same people for the first 8 years of school and got to know everyone pretty well. Sure some kids lived in big houses and others in small houses with a big family or in a trailer but everyone seemed to have a decent standard of living. What I would have considered “poverty” for the town is the drunk people that hung around the liquor store and homeless shelter which was across the street. I didn’t know the reasons behind it but I basically saw poverty as a blend between homelessness and alcohol addiction. When I became older I obviously began to realize and understand other aspects of poverty but still perceived it mainly from the elements of money and work ethic (at least in Canada). I think this is a fairly common way to see poverty. Common, but inaccurate, in Canada and most certainly globally. I am going to look at a few readings but will concentrate on a few sections from Narayan’s Wellbeing and Illbeing in more depth because I found this reading to be extremely extensive and complete.
“Many needs and wants trace back to the lack of money” (Narayan, 2000). When lack of money is discussed in regards to poverty, inequality quite often follows, or at least it should. “The authors point out that the life-diminishing results of valuing growth above equality in rich societies can be seen all around us.” (Hanley, 2009). When I went…

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