Postmodernism, Fashion And Technology : Touching On Art, Technology And Fashion

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This essay is looking into Postmodernism, fashion and Technology; touching on Art, Technology and Fashion. Delving into theories such as; Jean Bauldrillard’s consumer society, name here and Malcom Barnard’s Fashion Theory. Postmodernism is a term that has been widely used over the last two decades, as ‘after the modernist movement’ however it is much more than this. It is wildly flexible and covers a wide range of art forms. Some critical theorists use postmodernism to a point of deviation within the ‘norms’ of; literature, drama, architecture, cinema and design. A shift in societies norms and values has triggered an accelerated challenge of traditional culture, the growth of technology and social media has made resources more readily available, creating a society as Bauldrillard (1998) highlights that ‘recycle themselves’ to ensure they are ‘with it’. Western culture has shifted, its traditional values challenged, have we entered an era where nothing new is created.

Deconstructed Fashion

The fashion industry has evolved to fit within the postmodern era, fashion is now interested in the mechanics of fashion, how it is made and the process’ we go through to achieve the end result. Designer Martin Margeiela has been named by Valerie Steele as ‘Very much a post modern designer’. The label use ‘frayed threads’ and ‘exposed linings’, this draws attention to the construction and the way in which the nature of the garment and the process takes place. Other practices such as;…

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