Post Partum Depression And The Effects On Mother And Infant Essay

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It is important that clinicians and other health care professional discuss and thoroughly explain results and accuracies of the screening. Education about post-partum depression and the effects on mother and infant is important for clinicians and health care professionals. Professionals should have ongoing training and obtain up to date knowledge for screenings, intervention, and best practices. Best practices for post-partum depression also include appropriate protocol during positive screenings. The protocol should include referrals for DSM-IV (currently DSM-V) Interview and follow ups for effective treatment (Horowitz, Murphy, Gregory & Wojcik, 2009). It is recommended that screenings are conducted during the perinatal period as opposed to postnatal. Researchers have found supported evidence that psychosocial and psychological interventions during post natal period helps reduce the risk of post-partum depression. Intervention methods for post-partum depression include psychotherapy, home visits, and telephone-based peer support. Support is an important element of prevention for post-partum depression. Mother reports feelings of isolation and no support as triggers for depression. The medical community has an essential role in prevention, diagnosing, and treating post-partum depression. (Dennis et al, 2009).
Society and family has an essential role on expectations, diagnosing and treatment of post-partum depression. Society place emphasis that women should be happy,…

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